Loan unemployed without credit bureau


A loan without credit bureau is initially a loan that is granted without checking the credit bureau entries. Anyone who seeks a loan as an unemployed person often encounters rejection. With the Maxi portal, unemployed people, even those without a credit bureau investigation, have the hope of promises. At first glance, the alternative is to take out a loan without credit bureau from a Swiss financial services provider. Even if no credit bureau request is made, borrowers must meet certain requirements.

Unemployment should be able to repay loans

Unemployment should be able to repay loans

While today employees and also the self-employed usually receive a loan without any problems, as long as the credit bureau does not show any negative characteristics, the financing possibilities for the unemployed are very limited. There is hardly a house bank that gives out a loan to jobseekers. The situation here is different, because jobseekers also have the opportunity to receive a loan here.

In principle, the loan seekers must be at least old and achieve a minimum monthly income of 850 USD (net wage) if they want to receive a loan from us. A negative credit bureau is not an obstacle, but the broker relies on regular income. Nonetheless, the company offers you a loan option for the unemployed.

The one who wants to take out a loan through Maxi and is unemployed, must hire a guarantor, which, so to speak, “compensates” the unavailable money. The unemployed hardly benefit from such a solution, so that the possibility of financing through the broker “is the broker. An indispensable condition, however, is a liquid guarantor, without which even the unemployed receive no credit from the company.

From 3,000 USD loans are arranged, which must be paid within 12-84 months. 

From 3,000 USD loans are arranged, which must be paid within 12-84 months. 

Many banks believe that the unemployed can not repay a loan. However, this assumption or lump sum is not correct, as tells us as a loan broker.

One can not say in principle that no unemployed person would be able to repay a completed loan transaction. It depends more on how high the salary is and whether it is the wage 1 or 2. For example, if you receive unemployment benefits, in many cases you can also pay a loan installment for the duration of the payout, usually up to twelve months, provided that it does not exceed the salary after all deductions.

Although the unemployed have to pay extra attention, it is in principle not impossible for a loan taken up to be repaid during this period. The same applies to the broker who also arranges loans for jobseekers. Of course, it attaches importance to the fact that there is still a certain minimum income in the form of unemployment benefits.

For example, anyone who previously had a salary of USD 2,500 could, upon receipt of unemployment benefit I of USD 1,800, pay out a loan of USD 100 per started year. As a result, temporary unemployment is by no means necessarily tied to the fact that the consumer in question would not be able to obtain a loan and pay the promised loan rates correctly.

Therefore, the loan we have arranged for the unemployed can be a good opportunity to receive the necessary financial support. Loan seekers with negative jobseekers and jobseekers have the opportunity to receive a loan from us. Non-income borrowers, however, must be able to demonstrate a solvent guarantor, as the lender can not waive a guarantee in this case.